Our comprehensive suite of services, including design, development and construction as well as preventative and reactive maintenance, allows us to add value up-front, support the client, take ownership of the project and manage the process throughout. This methodology sets us apart and ensures our success while entrenching the relationship with the client.

By involving us at an early stage, we can influence the first five per cent of a project’s expenditure in a way that will reduce the overall project cost. We continue to monitor and manage costs via Jobpac – a reliable cost management system. Our early involvement will allow us to identify and minimise project risk and will result in the successful realisation of the project. Transparency is intrinsic to our processes. We report regularly on everything from costs to project status.

We manage the last five per cent of a project to ensure it meets our own exacting standards. Our ‘defect free’ delivery target serves as a visible representation of the care we have taken and the attention to detail that we have applied throughout the entire project.

We set standards of delivery to meet the highest expectations—our own. We have a record of achieving construction program and budget objectives 100 per cent of the time, while our defect management together with our customised processes enable us to shorten project timelines by 30 per cent.

Our service is seamless while our flexibility makes it easy to work with us. We work efficiently and effectively in operational environments without disrupting business, and we customise our service at every touchpoint from administration to construction to suit our clients’ needs. For example, we have customised our web-based ordering and management system to integrate with that of a client for ease of use.

Our Values

Our values describe how we operate as a business, as a brand, and as individuals. In turn, we promote these values in our people and in the relationships we build.